Our Purpose and Mission


To bring a fundamental change to the way money is earned by enabling a more meaningful method of investing.


By identifying, facilitating, and managing investments into novel business ideas and innovative approaches, we…

… enable investments and development with a social impact through the deployment of our core principles

… create value for portfolio companies through active ownership and diligent advisory

… deliver financial returns exceeding the MSCI World Index to our customers

Our Principles


People are motivated by meaningful work.

Meaning is the key driver for engagement and productivity, which empowers a higher level of innovation and retention


Organizations that succeed in gender and ethnic diversity will win the war for talent, be more competitive, and are more likely to have a better financial performance


Organizations that build sustainability into their core mitigate risks, hedge energy costs and strengthen their brand, and, as a result, they outperform organizations that fail to do so


62% wants to work for an organization
that makes a positive impact


Companies that are actively managing and planning for climate change
secure an 18% higher return on equity than companies that are not


Our Portfolios

Voluntas Investments focuses on innovative investment opportunities that provide a return exceeding the MSCI World Index over our customers’ horizon and create a positive social impact through the deployment of our principles. To qualify as a “Voluntas Investment”, the company must sign an agreement on implementing our three principles into the management and operations of the organization as well as include a Voluntas representative into the board of directors. On behalf of our customers, we take active ownership in the development and growth of the company and oversee the implementation of our principles.

Our facilitated investments are split into two different portfolios, Voluntas Infants for seed, startup and first stage companies, and Voluntas Adults for small and medium-sized companies, both grounded in our core principles – Meaningfulness, Diversity, and Sustainability. We focus on companies that care about social responsibility and aim at making a difference within their field.


Voluntas Infants

Seed, startup, and first-stage companies with full commitment to the Voluntas Principles.


Voluntas Adults

Small and medium-sized enterprises with full commitment to the Voluntas Principles.