Voluntas Investments is the outcome of an encounter between business man and investor Jan Andersen, and philosopher and business executive Morten Albaek who discussed the idea and prospect of creating a more meaningful way of earning money. As of July 1st 2015, the discussions materialized into the establishment of the world’s first advisory firm that systematically measure meaningfulness in the companies that we facilitate investments into; Voluntas Investments was born.


/voˈlun.tas/ (Latin): will, goal, purpose, meaning.


Voluntas has inherited its name from Morten Albaek’s leadership philosophy of meaningfulness. It rests upon the perception that as a leader it is an unmanageable task to isolate the employee from the human being. The performance review should therefore take its point of departure in the purpose of the employee’s life as a whole, and explore and challenge how this purpose is connected to the overall purpose and vision of the company. Companies that succeed in incorporating a strong purpose, a diverse culture, and a sustainable vision at the very core of their strategy are rewarded with employees who are more engaged, more innovative, and more productive, which, ultimately, translates into long-term competitiveness and profitability.


Investment Committee

Creator & Executive Chairman

Morten Albaek

Head of Committee

Jan Bech Andersen

Committee Member

Morten Skovfoged Tinggaard


Our Virtues

If you are motivated by creating something that has never been done before, by doing something that will make a difference to others, by contributing to making the air cleaner, by advancing gender and ethnic equality, and by creating more meaningful work lives – then, please come work for us!

We value…

above compassion


above emotions


Humbleness and hard work
above good intentions


above self-confidence