Voluntas Investments focuses on innovative investment opportunities that provide MSCI World Index exceeding returns as well as create a positive social impact. For us, social impact is defined by making work more meaningful, enabling a productive distribution of gender and nationality in top management, and ensuring a more sustainable procurement of electricity. Our investments are therefore guided by our core principles – meaningfulness, diversity, and sustainability – and we focus on companies that care about social responsibility and aim at making a difference within their field.


Voluntas is about a fundamental change to the way money is earned, spent, and invested. Our aim is to be the most purposeful and meaningful investment management firm in the world.


To create value and increase quality of life by investing in companies that focus on meaningfulness, diversity, and sustainability

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Our investments are all guided by our core principles: Meaningfulness, Diversity, and Sustainability

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Our investments are split into two different portfolios: Voluntas Infants and Voluntas Adults

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Voluntas invests in all stages of a company’s growth, spanning from disruptive seed and startups to catalyzing growth of leading small and medium-sized companies looking to strengthen their business.

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